onsdag den 27. januar 2016


I've been absent on this for a bit, not slowing down progress, though.
I've been through a lot of projects since last post, might do some posts about them.
Projects include:
> wire-wrapped z80 machine -working, very basically.
> 8051 board, modifying a small trainer i bought.
> Restoring a 1990's laptop for use as a serial terminal.
> Designing an 8085 board with a million 82xx chips

I've gotten some new test gear, too. Most notably a 70's vintage Philips logic probe and pulser - some of the greatest tools I've ever owned.

This is the z80 computer I'm currently working on.
Right now it features only dip switches as inputs, led's as outputs.
additional features will include a 8250 uart, 8255 PIO, and more!

That's it for now!

Think I might have something cool to bring forth (get it? forth?) soon.