onsdag den 15. oktober 2014

New project!

So, the z80 system 2 project being on hold until i get a functioning EPROM burner, I've moved forward on another project: The COSMAC ELF.
Though I've made some hardware mods, it is functionally equivalent of the original ELF. My mods include: 

    - Changing the HEX display to binary LED's; way cheaper.
This mod was actually suggested in the original article.

          - Changed the two 4 bit 2101 RAM's for eight 1 bit 2102 ones.
I had them lying around and besides the "width" they're very similar. Furthermore, they're 1977 vintage - adds something to the design.

    - Sprung for another layout, not wirewrap 
Once again, I'm out of wrap wire, and I kinda wanted it to have more of a Altair 8800 / MIPS 8080 kinda look.

Here it is:

The 8 chips with dual round indents are the RAM.

I have redrawn the schematic into a more reader friendly form than the original, spreading it over 6 pages:
1) CPU and clock
2A) Original RAM
2B) My RAM
3) I/O logic
4) Display
5) Input
6) CPU control

Makes it much easier to debug and alter.

Anyway, so far, I've wired the processor control and power.
Buses are to come.