fredag den 29. august 2014

Computer base and indicator card!

OK, so these come pretty close one after another, since i'm actually past these steps, but behind on making a blog about it.

Well, the base is made, as mentioned from wood, and the Indicator card is made.
Well this is the indicator /bus display card. It is nothing fancy, just a binary readout of the entire bus. Upper row are DATA (7-0 in reading order), the two rows are ADDRESS(15-0), and the lower six are: Reset, Clock, Memrq, IOrq, RD and WR.
the four chips, 74LS241, is simply set up as noninverting buffers, which has some problems, since most of the control signals are active low. Good thing that won't confuse me when this machine doesn't do a thing!

Here be the base of the computer, the two cards installed. The dip socket on the bus card is to access the data bus, since i got the idea of wanting a little plug with pull-down resistors, to put the processor into free-run mode (just counting addresses, executing NOP's). Room is made for binary I/O, PSU, later: QWERTY keyboard, floppy drive, hard drive. 

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