lørdag den 30. august 2014

Memory circuit wired

This is the memory card for my Z80 system. It contains a single 8x2k SRAM, the 6116-2, one of my favorite SRAM's, because its name is a palindrome. A 2716 EPROM of same size (and pin compatible, by the way) is used as system ROM. Address decoding for chip select with a 74139. Memory decoding entirely after Donn Stewart's Z80 computer. A more refined point-to-point wiring technique than with the indicator card, and i think it's really neat! Maybe even more so than wire-wrap. 

Using the same wire to make little ties for the wire bundles. 
For this method, start by wiring power, then control logic, and THEN DATA and ADDRESS buses, as you see, they are the ones who takes up space. Make sure that the wires are approximately the right length to be routed, and then after soldering of a bundle, begin "neating" with wire ties, either free floating or though holes in the PCB. excess length can be huddled up at one end (here, at the connector).  

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