fredag den 5. september 2014

Burning EPROMS the stupid way

So I'm reaching a point where I'll need to work on my ROM. Step one involves little more than some tests and the ability to punch in programs via the input ports. The system ROM is a 2716 EPROM, because i think it's neat because it's pin compatible with my RAM, so i can reuse the board later on. I found my EPROM burner, and wept. I completely forgot, it works, but it is.. not my fines piece of DIY gear. ADDR and DATA is set with a sharp pencil and DIP-switches, and binary data readout on the little floating board.

The only thing even remotely nice about it is the genuine 3M TEXTOOL socket, (not installed on the pic).

Since I'm only at 60-100 bytes at the moment, this abomination is adequate, but i really need to make a more optimized one. With HEX rotary switches, 7seg readouts, and "jump to next address" button.

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