lørdag den 6. september 2014

Z80 System B update

So, the only thing lacking hardwarewise on the Z80 system I'm building, is the I/O. Once more, I was very inspired by Donn Stewarts z80 project in my port control logic, though I've made a connector for an external "terminal".
As you see, the "terminal" is really just two ports of LEDS as output and slide switches as input. The cable goes to a 40 pin DIL ribbon connector and socket, to port select and latching, etc.

This is the interface board, using the 74LS139 as address decoder/port selector, and 74LS244 for input buffers, 74LS373 for display latches. Still needs wiring.

And Wouldn't you know: The board cracked! when i was scoring the rectangular cutouts for the switches! The pcb material were.. not good; had a consistency as wet crackers, and flaked like slate, meaning when it cracked (the entire bottom right quarter) it sliced  the palm of my hand right up! but i was able to fix it (the board, that is; the hand takes care of itself) by means of screwing on a little piece of pcb on the underside, and solder some of the traces back. Holds quite well. 

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